IL PAMS Always Helping Peru
IL PAMS Siempre Ayudando al Peru

Cerro San Cosme Mission:


September 16 - 10

Primary Objective

The primary objective is to help to decrease Anemia and TB infection in the community.
Providing detection, treatment, and prevention. 

Current Progress

We are currently working on mission funding. The mission will be funded through the 5k for Peru.

Arequipa Mission:

Primary Objective

To support the Burn Unit at Hospital Regional Honorio Delgado and the Elohim School

Current Progress

The Burns unit of Honorio Delgado Hospital is Permanent Mission of our IL PAMS Chapter
Co-Founded by Dr. Annibal Pepper 35 years ago and through IL PAMS we have contributed more than 300 thousand dollars and it works with a degree of excellence at the level of American Standards and has been named as one of the best in Peru, serving the entire Macro-Region in the Southern part of the country
This time Dr. Pepper worked with the Surgeons and personnel of the unit for 4 days performing skin grafts using the donated Dermacarriers and leaving $ 5,000 to maintain the degree of excellence of work, and buying instruments and supplies that the Ministry of Health does not provide. The Rotary Club Arequipa Ciudad Blanca helped us with its efficiency and transparency to carry out the Banking operations of funds transfers and its delivery to the Headquarters of the Burns Unit.
We received 12 new beds donated by La Mina Cerro Verde that last April we requested in a campaign that made in all media of the press and TV
Finally, we traveled to Cusco where I participated working in the Belen Clinic performing minor surgery and delivering a donation of 2 thousand Dollars sent by Dr. Leni Pach from her national PAMS fund.
On the other hand, my wife Ann and two American teachers that we took, worked at the Elohim School and also donated $ 2 thousand dollars on behalf of IL PAMS
Mission accomplished !

Mission Director(s)

Anibal Pepper

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