We are Peruvian and American health care professionals and volunteers from Illinois who take medical missions to Peru. We provide free care to different villages with little or no access to medical facility. Please help our cause by donating to IL PAMS.

IL PAMS is the Illinois chapter of the Peruvian American Medical Society (PAMS). Founded in 1973 as a Voluntary Nonprofit Organization, PAMS aims to obtain and donate health resources to underserved populations in Peru.

PAMS works in concert with public and private agencies and institutions in the US and Peru to provide medical and educational assistance. Members have organized medical missions to more than 25 different towns and cities throughout Peru. Everybody is capable of helping, whether by volunteering for a mission, making a donation, or donating equipment, supplies and medicine.

Both PAMS and IL PAMS are certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Any donations you make are tax deductible. Donations go towards medical supplies and medicine.

Please, if you are sympathetic to our cause, consider donating to help us bring medical attention to those in need. Your collaboration makes a difference!



Our country of Peru is facing one of the worst natural disasters in the last 30 years. All the country has been affected by heavy rains, flooding and “huaicos” (mudslides from the mountains). The Coast of Peru is the most affected region with destroyed houses, interrupted electrical and drinking water services, collapsed sewage systems and shortages of many products due to damaged of transportation and communication networks. The last official report of the National Center of Emergency Operations (COEN), March 24, 2017 included 90 deaths, 347 wounded people and 742,101 people affected. 120,899 will not have a house to sleep in tonight and thousandths have lost everything.
We are calling for collaboration to help these people in urgent need. Your donation will serve to confront the emergency by providing:
1. Medicine and free medical care.
2. Food and water
3. Some tools for the removal of debris.

The Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society will be managing and sending your donations to different regions of Peru in coordination with local Peruvian doctors working at health facilities. Your donation will be appreciated by the people of these regions in great need. If you have any questions, please contact ILPAMS:aolave@ilpams.org