ILPAMS Missions to Huaytará


Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society (ILPAMS) is a non-for-profit organization, based in the State of Illinois, the United States of America, whose members are Peruvian American Physicians, Other Health care Specialists, Ladies Auxiliaries and/or from other careers and nationalities.

Medical and Educational Missions are organized to help underserved Peruvian populations in Arequipa, Lircay & Huaytara (Huancavelica), Chincha, Piura, Cusco and several other locations.


The Province of Huaytara has a  population of 28,000 inhabitants as of 2005.

Ethnically the province of Huaytara is inhabited by indigenous citizens of Quechua descendants, about 25% of the population started speaking using Quechua language and the rest speaks Spanish.

Huaytara is the Capital, the city is located on the Occidental Andes at 2,500 meters above sea level, 12 Km from the City of Pisco using Libertadores Road on the route to Ayacucho.

Huaytara city has urban areas, semi-rural and rural areas.

The cities of Cusicancha 3,500 and Quisuarpampa are located at 3,700 mt above sea level,  both are rural areas.


Our 3rd Medical Mission to Huaytara was held from July 3rd to 8th, 2016, and was led by Dr. Lucy Munoz Medina Medical Mission Director and Dr. Julio Fernandez Medical Mission Co-Director.

Our Volunteers:

6 Medical support (2 Physicians and 4 Medical Students);

3 Dental support (2 Dentists and 1 Dental Assistant).

3 Nursing support (3 nurses)

1 Vision support (near sight vision evaluation)

3 Psychological support (2 psychologists & 1 Statistician)

11 General support (support staff and interpreter).

*1 Quechua-Spanish interpreter

Mission Volunteers Procedence:

8 were residents of the United States

20 were Lima or local residents.


Coordinations started in the previous 4 months with local authorities, Peruvian Ministry of Health, Community Leaders and Huaytara support staff.

We joined efforts to organize the Medical Mission with the Huaytara Medical Center Director and Staff from the other cities (Medical, dental, nursing and transportation staff).

The Buenaventura Mining Company, a company based in Huancavelica, cooperated with transportation from Lima-Huaytara and Huaytara-Lima and hotel accommodations. Transportation to the two highland cities was provided by IL PAMS funds.  Daily meals were provided to the volunteers in the visited cities with local Community funds and Buenaventura’s Mining Company support. (Cities visited: Huaytara, Cusicancha and Quisuarpampa).

IL-PAMS support system assisted with the documentation in Lima, Huaytara, Cusicancha and Quisuarpampa. Fabio, Patricia, Zulmira and Ego Soldevilla Munoz (Huaytarinos) assisted with logistics and coordination in Lima and on site.

IL-PAMS donated medical equipment, medications, medical supplies, disposable medical, oxygen measuring devices, glucometers, dental equipment with an approximate value of $ 15,000 dollars.


For the 2016 Medical Mission to Huaytara, the following services were provided: Medical, Vision, Psychology, Dental, Education and Donations.

-Medical: Screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions like Lumbalgia, Osteoarthritis, Gonarthrosis, Respiratory Diseases, Hearing impairment, Vision evaluation, Otic cerumen removal and many other medical conditions under Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and Geriatrics. Aprox: 250 patients seen.

Free medications and treatment to identified cases were provided.

-Diabetes and Hypertension Triage:  Provided by specialized nurse care & support staff. Glucose measurements, Blood Pressure Readings and Education Aprox: 36 patients


Provided optic screening. (Donated 325 glasses for near vision and sunglasses). Aprox. 160 people were screened.


Offered Developmental Screening Test evaluation to children from 0-4 years old (Denver Test) and physical evaluations (Height, Weight and Hemoglobin measurements). Evaluated 41 children.

-Dental Care: Provided Dental Care, Extractions, Education and Evaluations,

a Portable Dental chair was donated. Aprox. 50 patients treated.

-Education: Lectures were provided to patients and public by Universidad de San Marcos/San Fernando Medical Students including topics related to Domestic Violence, Urinary Infections and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Respiratory Diseases and Back Pain.  A multi-media equipment was donated.


All the services and actions we provided were provided by our different specialists. The medical specialties offered were Family Practice, Geriatrics, Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Optic screening, Psychology and Nurse Care-Triage.

Educational sessions on promotion, preventive health, control and treatment of different diseases and conditions were provided. Lectures were given by four medical students of San Marcos University.

There were two dental teams who worked tirelessly in Huaytara, Cusicancha, and Quisuarpampa and they also donated materials and supplies.

We utilized the Huaytara Medical Center facility and other Medical Posts to see patients and perform some minor procedures, like ear washings, nasal packing, nebulizations.

One team remained at the Huaytara Medical Center while a second team traveled to vulnerable areas like Cusicancha (2 hours from Huaytara), Quisuarpampa (2.5 hours).

Mission activities started at the Huaytara Medical Center on Monday July 4, 2016. As early as 6am, patients had started trooping the hospital premises.

Following the arrival of the IL-PAMS Medical Mission Team, patients were registered and had vital signs checked. They were then triaged and counseled by mission Registered Nurses (RNs) with the support of our General support staff before being directed to the appropriate screening, and/or specialty areas.

Day 0 – Sunday

We arrived at 6 pm. and after being in the hotel we had a dinner offered by the Community of Huaytara. Then we went to organize the medications and supplies  by Teams until midnight to be ready for the next morning,

Day 1 – Monday

Meeting at the Huaytara Medical Center, Director in charge, staff and volunteers introduction.  Medical services were initiated with all the provided services.

Day 2 – Tuesday

Most of the Second Medical Team headed to Cusicancha (2 physicians, 4 medical students, 2 dentists; a physician from the field Peruvian medical program SERUMS was the only medical provider in the district. The first team stayed in Huaytara performing Hypertension and Diabetes Triage.

Day 3 – Wednesday

Second Team headed to Quisuarpampa (3,700mts): 2 physicians, 4 medical students, 2 dentists, a laboratorist that helped with blood and urine samples, 3 Psychology Team Members and support staff. An upper respiratory infection outbreak was discovered among High School Students of a local School in Quisuarpampa 2 ill students (cases) presented to the Health Post from the same classroom but one of them mentioned there were 3 more students sick with similar URI symptoms, their classroom has 15 students (a potential high rate 13% – 33%); finally we went to the school and there were 15 cases total in the school during previous 3 weeks among 80 HS students, several recommendations and preventive measures were given to the administrator and a teacher.

Two patients, females, Quechua-speaking only, who came from Ninaccasa, walking during four continuous hours, through the mountains in the highlands to the Health Post, to get an appointment with us, under the severe cold conditions. We were lucky to have a Quechua-speaking nurse in our team, borned in Ayacucho; she was our Spanish-Quechua interpreter. We couldn’t provide medication but as soon we got back to Lima we bought meds for 3-4 months to be delivered through our mission team Dentist.

Day 4 – Thursday

Second Team headed to Quisuarpampa (3,700mts), 2 physicians and 2 dentists and a laboratorist integrated the team. The Psychology Team evaluated children of the area.  Medical Students gave lectures to the community and a Medical Student had the idea to provide lectures to the nearby School. Donations on equipment, clothes and fleece blankets were provided on both dates. At the end of the journey, we met with Nurse in charge to deliver our donations.

Day 5 – Friday

All the services were provided by the full staff until half of the day.

Nurse in charge received our donations.

Return to Lima.


IL-PAMS Medical Mission provided medical services to approximately more than 500 patients received Medical, Dental, Psychological, Nursing and Educational services.

We offered medications and dental care services free of charge.

Children, adults, elderly clothes and blankets were distributed to assist the “Heladas” (Extreme cold conditions).


– Urgent need to provide Specialties Medical Staff to Huaytara Medical Center

A fully operating surgical room remained unused due to lack of an anesthesiologist, operating room personnel and specialties. In the past Huaytara provided Surgery and OB/GYN procedures. We noted that on the last 4 years surgical services were not available.

Cases from distant communities were able to be served at this location in the past. As of today, surgical services are not available placing the population at risk of death.

Traveling is not economically feasible for the Andean communities and at times patients are ignored due to culture and language barriers.  Hernias and gall bladder stones are frequent and cases of vaginal bleeding cannot be handled on site as high risk materno-fetal care.

Andean Women’s life is in jeopardy as well as their capacity to survive and care for their children is endangered.

Patients often have to be transferred to Pisco, a 2-3 hour drive from Huaytara.

All of these issues were shared by the community, who reported to us the occurrence of many life-threatening cases that could not be treated at the town health center of Huaytara.  In addition, there is modern equipment like a colposcope, which is used to detect cervical cancer. Without a specialist it cannot be used, but on the right hands it could save many women’s lives.

-Consider Medical, Dental, Vision and Psychological Services/Misions to the Andean cities with heavy Rural populations

-Provide Nutritional Education to Andean communities to prevent Malnutrition

Based on previous reports from the Psychology Team. Severe Malnutrition, Anemia and poor Neurological Development will affect the future generations of the Huaytara Andean Communities were only 8% of the children were found with normal nutrition.

After a week of wonderful experiences, much traveling, long working hours, great food, breathtaking mountains and the love of the Huaytarinos we arrived to Lima at 11 pm. Healthy and happy after this extraordinary IL-PAMS Medical Mission adventure.

Lucy Munoz Medina MD

Huaytara Mission Director 2016


Julio Fernandez, MD

Huaytara Mission Co-Director 2016