March 26


Considering the national disaster in Peru, the victims and diseases that have occurred as a result of rains, floods, damage to homes and water and sewage systems, in about twelve departments of Peru; and considering Dr. Jool Alarcon (Medical Director of the Mirones Health Center) initiative to help the people who are victims of this situation, who initially wanted to do this mission to Huarmey, Ancash, which was impossible due to the conditions of destruction that prevented reaching the village, and knowing that the town of Carapongo in Lurigancho, Chosica suffered similar damages, Dr. Alarcón directed the aid of the mission to Carapongo. For these reasons, Dr. Alicia Olave presented the project to ILPAMS Executive Committee, which immediately approved to help financially the mission.


We are using ILPAMS own funds; in addition to this, an online donation account was opened and also a personal donation was received. A shipment of US $ 600.00 was made to this mission.

The mission was made on Sunday, March 26, 2017 in Carapongo, Lurigancho-Chosica, Lima, Peru. The team consisted of 6 volunteers from the Health Center of Mirones, Lima, Peru, which belongs to the Ministry of Health.

They brought water, food and other types of items. Among these products were: canned tuna, rice, sugar, beans, fruit juices, milk and crackers; also some clothes; they also brought soap bars, toothbrushes, shampoo, toilet paper, diapers, washing containers, plastic garbage bags for the victims. On the other hand, the team did not forget the pets and brought dog food.

The help was beneficial to at least 200 people.

The six volunteers traveled, fed and housed on their own.

  1. Dr. Jool Alarcon Quispe, Director of the Mission.
  2. Dr. Rossana Hildebrandt Pinedo
  3. Dr. Ruben Obando Sanguinetti
  4. Dr. Marilu Loyola Perez, Welfare Office
  5. Mrs. Cecilia Cueva, Supply Office.
  6. Mrs. Susana Saavedra

We thank Dr. Alarcon and all his team for the success of this great mission.

Here the link with more pictures of this productive day in Carapongo, Lima-Peru!


March 18 – March 25

Under the direction of Dr Anibal Pepper, the help of Dr Juan Angelats and other volunteers, the Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society (ILPAMS) ; was doing a medical mission from March 18th to 25th, 2017 as part of the Permanent Mission of ILPAMS that has been for over 20 years.
The Arequipa Mission supports two non-profit organizations and one hospital:
· Honorio Delgado Hospital, Arequipa-Peru
· Asociación Cristiana Manantiales en el Desierto
· Escuela Elohim/Elohim School
We are deeply grateful for the work and help Dr. Pepper always provides to our connationals in need.


October 31 – November 4

On August 15, 2007, at 6:34 pm, an earthquake measuring 8.0 on the Richter scale struck the central coast of Peru in the Department of Ica. The epicenter was 25 miles west-northwest of Chincha and 90 miles south-southeast of Lima, where buildings and the ground swayed. According to the Peruvian Government, 103 hospitals were affected and 14 were destroyed. The towns of Chincha and Pisco were especially hard-hit. Health care delivery was severely disrupted since many of the medical facilities were destroyed.Since then PAMS built a medical center in Chincha where several medical missions are developed through the year.
This time we are organizing this Medical Mission to provide Primary Care and Some Specialties Care that will join our mission.

Fee trip volunteers
Trip from USA to Peru: Volunteers make their own arrangements
Trip by bus (Soyuz) from Lima to Chincha round trip approximately $20 per person

• Casa Andina Classic Chincha – $ 55 per day (breakfast and wifi is included) – mention that you are members of the medical misión for this discount.
• Hotel Princess – $ 15 per day (no breakfast included)
Lunch at CMEC costs approximately $ 4 per day

If you are interested in participate please contact the following directors of the medical mission :

Dr. Efrain Flores

Dra. Maria Sjogren

Please, if you are sympathetic to our cause, consider donating to help us bring medical attention to those in need. Your collaboration makes a difference!
Please click the button of PayPal for a donation to the Medical Mission of Chincha


July 3 – July 8

This is the third medical mission to Huaytara, province of Huancavelica in the central Andes of Peru, organized by IL-PAMS (Illinois Peruvian American Medical Society).It will place from July 3 to 8, 2016 and will be lead by the medical director Dr. Lucy Munoz Medina and medical codirector: Dr. Julio Fernandez. Many volunteers and translators will participate in this new challenge.

We worked and coordinated efforts with the Huaytara Medical Center. The Huaytara Health Center is the main referral point for the medical needs of the region.

We will have 2 groups like last time one will stay in Huaytara Medical Center and the second one will go to little villages.
Any information please contact Dr. Julio Fernandez Jul123cdc@aol.com

ILPAMS Huaytara Medical Mission 2014 Report










Missions to Arequipa – 2016

February 15 – February 21

Medical Director: Anibal Pepper, MD

The Arequipa Mission support two non-profit organizations and one hospital:

  • Honorio Delgado Hospital, Arequipa-Peru
  • Escuela Elohim/Elohim School
  • Asociación Cristiana Manantiales en el Desierto

Honorio Delgado Hospital, Arequipa-Peru

Collaborating for many years with one of the best burn units in the country, and with the pediatric and OB/GYN departments of the same hospital.

Elohim School

The ILPAMS and the Frankfort Rotary Club undertook are raising funds during 2016 for establishing a Vocational Training Program for Hairdressing at the Elohim School on the outskirts of Arequipa, Peru.


Collaborating for many years with one of the best burn units in the countries, and with the pediatric and OB/GYN departments of the same hospital.

Asociación Cristiana Manantiales en el Desierto

“Manantiales” is a non-profit organization that brings support to families in more need, taking care of children from 6 months to 4 years, while their parents are working. In collaboration with the ILPAMS, this organization is helping in the early childhood development of these children.

Manantiales 4


Mission to Huaytara – 2015

December 14 – December 18

Medical Director: Lucy Muñoz, MD

During the last week of December, the ILPAMS made donations to the community of San Antonio de Cushicancha that belongs to Huaytara city in Huancavelica, Peru. Donations included materials to implement the Promotion of The Mother & Child Communal Center and the Pregnant Mother’s House. Pregnant women from distant communities will be able to stay and deliver in a controlled environment.
Educational materials were donated to develop the early stimulation center this will be possible in very distant communities in the highlands of Peru (3400 msnm, above 11154-foot altitude distance). Beds, chairs, dinner sets were donated for the center.
Thanks to Zulmira Soldevilla and supporters, who kindly organized and made this possible.

In addition the ILPAMS collaborated during the Christmas Campaign (December 2015): “Navidad del niño de Cusicancha” where more than 60 children received educational toys and enjoyed chocolate and panetón.

ILPAMS wants to thank the Peruvian team who supported us: Fabio Soldevilla, Patricia Soldevilla, Otto Soldevilla, Vane Mendez, Pavel Mendez, Jacqueline Sinche, Manuel Gregorio Morales Soto, Noemi Bustos de Lopez, Laura Banda Saravia, Fabiola Saravia, Ruth Juscamaita, Clara Chirinos Verdaguer, Elisa Inguanseand everybody else who supported our campaign. Donations were transported by the health facility of Cusicancha and the Major and the Gobernador of Cusicancha.


For further information contact Dr. Muñoz at pamschicago@gmail.com

Please, if you are sympathetic to our cause, consider donating to help us bring medical attention to those in need. Your collaboration makes a difference!


Mission to Piura           August  2015 (August 18-22)

Medical Director: Juan Angelats, MD

Dr.  Angelats is organizing a Mission to Piura in August of this year, bringing with him 4 plastic surgeons, 2 ophthalmologists and 1 pediatric ophthalmologist plus 3 nurses and a nurse anesthetist. We would appreciate any donations to the Piura Mission Fund to be able to bring the supplies necessary to realize this mission for the poor people of Piura.

For further information contact Dr. Angelats at angelats@sbcglobal.net

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